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Fiona Hayes - Feng Shui
  Fiona Hayes
Feng Shui Qualifications
  When Feng Shui first filtered into the UK, it attracted not only those who were genuinely interested in helping people but also a fair number of charlatans, who jumped on the bandwagon. It was a simplified version taught by well intentioned but misinformed people. The Press gushed about the magic of Feng Shui with its wind chimes, crystals and three legged toads!     I read many contradictory books and attended a few confusing introductory courses, which left me disenchanted with many unanswered questions. I finally met my present master, Master Chan Kun Wah. I attended his Feng Shui 2 year vocational course and graduated in 2001. I continue my studies with him at a more advanced level. It is very in-depth and will keep me interested for a long time to come.