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Fiona Hayes - Feng Shui
  Fiona Hayes
Interest in Feng Shui
  My interest in Feng Shui was triggered by a talk which suggested that a person's psychological as well as physical health can be directly affected by their environment. At the time, there was a lot of talk about sick building syndrome, electro-magnetic pollution etc. resulting in people suffering from headaches, allergies, chest complaints, legionnaires disease and even severe anxiety and depression.     The speaker's opening lines were:
"I used to be a psychotherapist but what is the point of trying to help someone with relationship difficulties, for example, when the relationship area in their home is full of clutter?" As I am a hypno-psychotherapist, my ears pricked up and I decided to investigate such concepts as dowsing, clutter clearing, earth energies, earth acupuncture, electromagnetic stress and, importantly, Feng Shui.